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Learn the Art and Business of Tattooing with Our Academy

The best tattoo training academy in Bangalore is Skin Pricks Tattoo Studio, which provides extensive programmes that include everything from design to safety and hygienic procedures. Our expert instructors are devoted to assisting our students in creating their own distinctive styles and are passionate about what they do. Our training projects are meant to encourage both technical proficiency and creativity since we think that's what it takes to succeed in this field. To discover more about our training programmes and to begin your path to success as a tattoo artist, get in touch with us right now.

Best Tattoo Training Academy in Bangalore

Skin Pricks Tattoo Studio is ranking on top for best tattoo training academy in Bangalore . We provide professional tattoo training in Bangalore, India, for aspiring tattoo artists with an interest and aptitude in sketching and outlining.

What We Teach

“Tailor the tattoo artist in you,” says Skin Pricks, the best Tattoo Training  Academy in Bangalore. We build you from Basic to Professionals . The owner and founder of Skin Pricks Tattoo Studio, Mr. Pruthvi Minty individually trains students at Skin Pricks tattooing. We provide training not just for aspiring tattoo artists but also for students who have a passion for learning this art.

What training programs does our tattoo academy offer?

As the best tattoo training academy in Bangalore, Skin Pricks Tattoo Studio provides a thorough training curriculum that covers all elements of tattooing, from technique to artistry to business procedures.

What techniques are used to create shading effects and are emphasized to create bold and vibrant looking color tattoos?

We teach our students several shading methods, including dot work, black and gray, and watercolor to help them become the greatest tattoo artists in Bangalore. Shading is an essential aspect of tattooing. We show our students how to use it to their advantage to produce tattoos that are vivid, bold, and long-lasting.

How can students develop their skills in other added fields of tattooing such as micropigmentation, microblading, dark lip correction, piercing, and tattoo removal at our tattoo academy?

We provide a thorough curriculum in our best tattoo training academy in Bangalore, including classes in micropigmentation, microblading, dark lip repair, piercing, and tattoo removal. Our knowledgeable instructors offer practical instruction to assist students get the abilities needed for success in these new tattooing specialties.

How are designing skills taught in our tattoo training programs?

Any tattoo artist requires the ability to paint and sketch. In our workshop, we place an intense focus on the value of acquiring these abilities and provide instruction in a range of methods, including drawing, shading, and the study of color.

What types of needles are used in tattooing and how are they taught in our training programs?

In order to get the greatest results, we only use the best tattoo needles at Skin Pricks Tattoo Studio. We educate our students how to choose the right needle for each design.

What unique tattooing techniques are taught in our academy?

To make sure that our students become the greatest tattoo artists in Bangalore, our training program instructs a broad variety of tattooing styles, including traditional, neo-traditional, realistic, and distinctive designs.

How are students trained to use coil and rotary tattoo machines on practice skins?

In order to ensure that our students have the abilities necessary to produce tattoos of the finest quality and to become the greatest tattoo artists in Bangalore, we teach them in the usage of both coil and rotary tattoo machines on study skins.

How does Skin Pricks Tattoo Studio ensure proper hygiene and aftercare practices to ensure safe and healthy tattooing experiences for its clients?

In order to provide our customers with safe and healthy tattooing experiences, our team at Skin Pricks Tattoo Studio places a high priority on hygiene and aftercare procedures. In addition to providing thorough aftercare instructions to encourage healing and avoid infection, we strictly adhere to regulations for sterilizing equipment and keeping a clean atmosphere.

What career opportunities are available for students who receive training from our tattoo academy?

As the best tattoo training academy in Bangalore, we assist our students advance their careers in the tattoo business by offering continuous training and support. To assist prospective artists in acquiring the skills required to become the greatest tattoo artists in Bangalore, we also provide apprenticeship programs.

Course Details:

Duration: 3 – 4 months
Fees:  Tattoo Course starts from 50,000₹
(Tattoo Machine is included in the tattoo course)

Our Mission

Skin Pricks' mission is to present each of our clients with an exciting and unique experience that meets their standards. Being the Best Tattoo Studio in Bangalore, we aim to design attractive, high-quality artwork that our clients will be carefree and satisfied to put on for years to come. We'll work closely with you to bring your ideas to life and create a genuinely one-of-a-kind design, whether you want a little tattoo or a whole sleeve.

Our Vision

Skin Pricks' vision is to be the go-to tattoo parlor in RT Nagar for anybody who is interested in expressing themselves through ink. We want to provide them a pleasant, friendly environment in which our customers may feel at home and secure during the tattooing procedure. We take pride in our creativeness, professionalism, and dedication to safety and cleanliness, and the attempt to provide great service to everyone who walks into our doors.

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